King of Kings

The King of Kings…

August 24, 2011 By

The King of Kings

Anyone who is a fan of Aussie hip hop will be familiar with the name Hunter. He is recognised for his hardcore sound, was dubbed the original c*nt and most importantly, he is a pioneer of the hip hop scene in Australia. Unfortunately, recent times have been tough for Hunter, and have seen him in a battle with cancer. While undergoing treatment, Hunter is still in the booth creating the music we love, which is a testament to his character and skill. So when I got the chance to ask Hunter some questions, needless to say I felt honoured to be able to interview a true King of hip hop.

Hunter has been rapping for as long as he can remember, long before he even knew what rapping was. It wasn’t until 94’ that he started to muck around with mixing and recording. Then as the 90s wore on, he began to take his music more seriously. Around this time, he hooked up with a crew that would become SBX and the rest is history!

Link to read the rest of the G&T Australian Online Magazine article


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