Keeping it real – Josh Richardson’s Facebook note about Hunter

If you have a few minutes to read this, I recommend you do.
Here is the note that the CanTeen project came across when reading hundreds of the tributes that were flowing in for our man Hunter. It hasn’t been edited, for extra effect 🙂

I remember the first time I met Hunter. It was after the Urthboy Tour in 09,He was a lot healthier back then. Me & Phil didn’t know a lot about Hunter, but we all knew Jam Roll. Freo were playing Richmond that night, Huntz kept asking for the score mid way through his set. After the show he was hanging with Daz & a few other SBX members. I tapped him on the shoulder & asked for a photo. He did one for each of us. In mine he threw his W up. And in Phils he was holding Monster House. I put the photo straight on Facebook. I got a few likes from friends who knew who he was. Made me smile. That nights stayed with me since that day.

I have seen Hunter too many times to recall them all but a recent time was at Bias B’s final show in Perth for his Bias Life LP. I had a both Phil & Kobe, who I had become best mates with, that night. I wasn’t drinking, due to the Month For Huntz I was paticipating in, so I drove. We parked at my work, not far from The Rocket Room. We got there early. The boys had been drinking & smoking since 4 so they were deep in at that point. We walked to the Rocket Room & paid to get in. We all bought Luke Adams foundation bands. We had a few drinks & decided it was time for a ciggarette.

We went outside & met Complete & Sever. The rocket room is next to The Vodoo Lounge, a well known strip club, & the back door to the strip club is down an ally next to RR. We were smoking down there watching the strippers come out & having a yarn. We saw a shadow walked down the ally & we realized it was Drapht. We stopped him and asked for a Photo & Signature combo. He accepted but we all wanted to be in the photo, that wasn’t gonna work, so Drapht stopped some people. They happened to be Hunter, Laura, Bigfoot & the man of the hour Bias B. Laura took the photo of all of us. We got a few more signatures and as they left Kobe mentioned the fact I was participating in A Month For Huntz. Hunter smiled & Kobe told him how much I had raised ($200). He grinned even more & said. Are you RichoKidd? I was stunned he recognized me. That made my month. I was struggling with the Month For Huntz. But after that it was no problem. At that stage Phil was well past gone. He had thrown up & I had to get the car for him to pass out in. Little Troopa woke up fine. Me & Kobe stayed for the rest of the show.

The only thing I remember from Easter Launch is getting another photo with Hunter at the Rosemount. That’s it. The rest of the day/night is a blur.

The last time I saw Hunter was at his Final album tour. Fear & Loathing, his 2011 release he did with Mortar, one of my favourite albums., Vents was also launching his Marked For Death. I went alone that night cause my name was on the door and we were broke as fuck. The only money I had, $35, went on the Vinyl of Fear & Loathing. I got it signed there & then. It’s the only album art vinyl of Hunters that have his signature. I have a few blank sleaves wrapped around Going Back To Yokine & Monster House. Back to the show, Hunter was very unwell that night. It was a struggle for him to perfom. He had to sit down mid set & rest. I respected that. Everyone was chanting his name. It seemed to lift his spirits & he got up and killed the rest of his set. That night a man with a camera had a joint & was smoking it infront of the stage. He passed it over to Hunter, who was on stage. He had a few puffs & had a huge smile on his face after. The man sure went out partying. We looked over to me & passed it my way. It had always been a dream of mine to have a sesh with Hunter. I figured this was the closest I was gonna get so, sorry Mum if your reading this, I took a few puffs. My dream had come true. It was awesome. That was the best show of my life. The Hoods came down & I met Presure & Suff. Got some signatures & a photo. Went home with a big grin in my face. That will be the best show of my life. Nothing will top that.

Hunter is & always will be my favourite rapper, my idol & my inspiration to rap. The news of his death saddened me. When I heard I was angry. Then it hit. I was upset. I went stray to the tattoo palor on lunch in tears on the phone to my Mum asking for $200 so I could get my SBX Swan tattoo the week after. She knew I was upset & said yes. That cheered me up. Then I wrang my girlfriend to tell her. That’s when I really felt it. I was sobbing. I text Kobe & told him. He was supportive. That was yesterday today I considered working on a Hunter tribute track. I thought maybe not yet. I’m so happy he finished his final piece. I will be getting CanTeen on CD & Vinyl (if possible. Profits going to CanTeen so please support this cause)

Hunter we will all miss you. May you rest in happiness & I hope you got to see your Dad again.

Rest in Peace.


One response to “Keeping it real – Josh Richardson’s Facebook note about Hunter

  1. Mate your storey is such an honest and heartwarming yarn, your perception and admiration for huntz reminds me of my own for him,and so i pressume his presence and infectious spirit resignates through many many others in this state and country also. Your respect and dedication to his memory is just awesome and i take me hat off to ya 🙂

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