Hunter’s last interview with Dazastah and RTR’s Bren McGurk

Tune in to RTRfm 92.1 at 10.30am for ‘Morning Magazine’ this Friday 18th November 2011 for Hunter’s very last radio interview

Put a reminder in your phone, you don’t want to miss this!

Hunter & Dazastah with Bren McGurk

It’s a coolish and sunny morning in Mount Lawley, Bren from RTR calls me to see if we are still on for our 12pm interview with Hunter and Dazastah, I haven’t been able to contact Hunter to see how he is travelling but I tell a wee fib and say YES, we are all good to go.

Layla and Daz are madly packing for the second stage of the tour with Drapht, I brought the interview forward a couple of hours so Dazastah could be there before he and Layla both joined the rest of the SBX crew.  ‘Be ready to leave here at quarter to twelve’ I shout down the hallway, I still haven’t been able to get thru to Hunts, it is 11.15am

I put on my rockstar Sass and Bide Rats and boots and my Layla gun chain around my neck,  and grab Daz to go. I tell him that there is still no word from Hunts, we commence the 300 metre walk to RTR anyway. Daz has a two hour window, if Hunts doesn’t make it,the interview is off for at least two weeks.

My phone rings it’s Hunts! ‘Hey Darlin’ he says in an upbeat voice, ‘I’ll meet you there, I’m on my way’-how are you feeling I ask, “I’m feeling good, got my new shoes on”  come round the back of Planet I say with relief, the studios closed, it’s just us.

I’m so happy I want us to stop for coffee but the line in Dome is ridiculous and if we walk to Exomod we will be late.  I call Bren to let us in and as we are traipsing up the stairs Daz worries if Hunter will be OK with them, he’s a good friend to Hunts that Daz boy is, a bloody first-class friend.

I prep Bren about Hunter’s deterioration, I don’t want him to be too shocked when he sees him.  Bren’s a cool guy, he doesn’t even dig hip hop and he’s taken on a tough assignment.  We all know that this may be Hunter’s last interview but it is left unsaid.

Hunter calls me to announce his arrival, he’s fashionably late and like a trouper makes the difficult stairs.  ‘Do you like my new shoes?’ he says–  they are fluro orange kicks, he looks like some kind of funky spider. I say there is no missing you with those shoes on buddy and we go into the studio.

The Director of SBS (sic)

Listen Now!

Hunter- doing what he does best

Wing Man Dazastah

Bren & Hunts

Hunts and Daz

Dazzie, Bren and my CanTeen Notes


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