Kind words from our competition winners!

We’ve been running some competitions on the PASS THE BUCK Facebook page.

Merchandise thanks to L.S.D and City Limits Boutique.

And as always Hunter’s fans – and the competitions – only had words of praise and memories of our man Huntz.

From our first competition winner – Michael Laing. Michael shared the Facebook page with his friends and got the most ‘likes’ for our page. He won a signed L.S.D album, a L.S.D t-shirt and a RUN DMC snapback hat.

This is what he had to say ” its all good i would do anything for those boys they have helped me so much over the years its the least i can do!  just wanted to say thanks”

Our second competition winner was Mitchell Holze. Mitchell answered lyrics from Hunter’s debut album, Done DL, with Dazastah of Downsyde. The lyrics were from the song So Good.

“The mess gets swept up with the rest who stepped up, with flows like blood from a prostitutes next cut, respect what, i went pass the goal, i’m not tryin to save the world, cause thats not my job ya arsehole”

This is what he had to say “I’ve been a huge fan of Hunts back since DoneDl was released. So I new the lines straight away. I would have listened to that album hundreds of times over. I have also been lucky enough to have the privilege of meeting the man a few times before his passing. He really inspired me through my own struggles with cancer. Legendary character. No other MC has had as much of an impact on my life as much as Hunter. I remember the last time he was over this way, we were sharin a joint and havin a chat in the beer garden at the pub and he gave me a “drugs & crime” tee for nothing, a very generous man. I still haven’t worn it, it’s too good to get ruined. Some excellent memories though.”

RIP Huntz. Respect!

Check out the PASS THE BUCK Facebook page for more competitions!


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