Internet file sharing of charity album distresses Australian Hip Hop fans

Media Release: Download pdf version Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen Media Release 11th January 11 

Internet file sharing of charity album distresses Australian Hip Hop fans

The Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen album released last December has found its way to an army of file sharing sites offering free downloads to members sparking a number of angry and still grieving music fans to vent their frustration over Facebook in the past 24 hours.

A spokesperson from the project said they were doing everything legally possible to halt the spread of internet sites offering the free download of the album.

The 32 track compilation album features ARIA award winning artists the Hilltop Hoods, Drapht and Koolism as well as many up and comers and was to be a vehicle to raise funds for the cancer charity CanTeen.

The charity album was the final project directed by the late Robert Hunter who died of cancer aged 36, a few weeks short of its release.

“I have had quite a number of concerned fans of Hunter’s contact me in response to the illegal links.” said the albums project manager Rachel Pietracatella.

“A lot of them are still grieving the loss of Hunter and are upset that the funds from album sales are being diverted from the charity.” she said.

“Many music fans have bought multiple albums to show their full support knowing that the proceeds are going to such a worthy cause, those same people have also donated cash  funds on top of it and are rightfully distressed that anyone can go online and download it for free.” she said.

“Our lawyers have served multiple cease and desist notices today to the sites that have infringed copyright.” she said.

Counsel for the album project Kylie Giam from Media Arts Lawyers said “Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of the industry that we’re in, it’s virtually impossible to prevent unauthorised links from being posted up. Where these links are brought to our attention however, we can send official notices of infringement to the operators of the host sites in order to protect the rights of the album and I think it’s really important to do this on each occasion.”

“A notice was served on Filesonic last Friday and they complied by removing the illegal link, I am expecting the sites that have come to our attention today to do the same or face legal action.” said Rachel Pietracatella.



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