Kind words from our competition winners!

We’ve been running some competitions on the PASS THE BUCK Facebook page.

Merchandise thanks to L.S.D and City Limits Boutique.

And as always Hunter’s fans – and the competitions – only had words of praise and memories of our man Huntz.

From our first competition winner – Michael Laing. Michael shared the Facebook page with his friends and got the most ‘likes’ for our page. He won a signed L.S.D album, a L.S.D t-shirt and a RUN DMC snapback hat.

This is what he had to say ” its all good i would do anything for those boys they have helped me so much over the years its the least i can do!  just wanted to say thanks”

Our second competition winner was Mitchell Holze. Mitchell answered lyrics from Hunter’s debut album, Done DL, with Dazastah of Downsyde. The lyrics were from the song So Good.

“The mess gets swept up with the rest who stepped up, with flows like blood from a prostitutes next cut, respect what, i went pass the goal, i’m not tryin to save the world, cause thats not my job ya arsehole”

This is what he had to say “I’ve been a huge fan of Hunts back since DoneDl was released. So I new the lines straight away. I would have listened to that album hundreds of times over. I have also been lucky enough to have the privilege of meeting the man a few times before his passing. He really inspired me through my own struggles with cancer. Legendary character. No other MC has had as much of an impact on my life as much as Hunter. I remember the last time he was over this way, we were sharin a joint and havin a chat in the beer garden at the pub and he gave me a “drugs & crime” tee for nothing, a very generous man. I still haven’t worn it, it’s too good to get ruined. Some excellent memories though.”

RIP Huntz. Respect!

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The day has come! ….Time to fill your xmas stockings with Hip Hop Albums………

The Album is set to hit stores midday Friday 2nd of December …

Hit up your local Indi music store and pre-order your copy as first delivery stocks are limited.

Melburnians can buy copies at  Obese Records

Perthians can visit Planet, Groove, 78’s and JB HIFI

For those who prefer not to leave the couch ……..Itunes will service your needs…..

but I must recommend getting Your hands on a Hard copy of this one!

Mail order cd’s are available through

Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen PRE-RELEASE ALBUM REVIEW with Chekid-Phat Rich Records

They say the Australian Hip Hop scene can be a cut throat industry,
where emcee’s and promoters alike fight for top tier to reach their
goals. Well today i believe this has all changed, with emcee’s from
across the country abandoning their own needs for one main goal… to
raise money and awareness for the less fortunate.

With CanTeen, MGM (Distribution), Wonderwomen Management, Media Arts
Lawyers, Toasted Designs, SBX Charity, Dazastah & many more, putting
their time and money into this project, not for a price, but for a
good cause, the creation of one amazing album has risen.

Robert Hunter AKA Hunter from SBX, had been fighting a battle with
cancer for over two years, but that didn’t stop him from releasing
numerous albums throughout that battle, proving that sometimes music
can provide a strength that you cannot get anywhere else than in being
a musician. Which brings me to the album : Robert Hunter Hip Hop
Charity for CanTeen. It seems people have taken that strength that
Hunter has shown possible in these hard times, and turned it into a
positive for other people in need, with artists such as Hilltop Hoods,
Drapht, Brad Strut, Bias B, Porsah Laine, Koolism, Downsyde & many
more all digging deep to be a part of this great creation.

I have been given the opportunity to listen to and review the album
before its release, having been travelling Europe & South America,
this production has been Number 1 on my playlist continually, and the
first thought after hearing it was this is a “one of a kind” Album!

It’s not often you get a major release with many of the big names in
the industry combined with up and comers from across this country, and
the outcome is amazing!  With heartfelt kickers like “When We Were
Kids”by Hunter, Dazastah and Drapht, (which is one of my personal
favourites), to a dope track  “So This Is Vandalism” featuring Blunt,
Mysc, Smiley & Verdikt (All Up & Coming West Australian Emcee’s). A
stand out track from first listen for me was “Colours”by Elefant Traks
All Stars (Hermitude,Solo,The Tongue,Ozi Batla & Urthboy), with the
beat at an all time high, even without vocals could have your head
nodding, but with all of these top contenders on one track, there was
no other option but to love it, so good work boys!

Next up is “Feel At Home” By Hunter, Kadyelle, Thorts & Porsah Laine
(produced by Dazastah). When you listen to this song, you realise its
not your typical generic hip hop track, which for me, is a relief
these days. Porsah Laine’s chorus is by far one of the best i’ve heard
from the SBX Princess, bringing the track alive with melody and
meaning, Kadyelle & Thorts really hit the nail on the head too,
bringing smooth, easy listening verses to my ears, and finally Hunter,
i have to say this last albums work has raised me to a new level, both
with meaning and structure, just a small example from “Feel at Home”:
“I’m not superman, im not coming to the rescue / i’m not a
supervillian, im not coming to get you/
What I am, just an ordinary man / tryna make a little difference in
the world I think I can”/
“Everyday I give thanks to the world, for the friends that I got / for
the love that I feel, im in a beautiful spot/
and when it comes time to depart, im’a leave with a song in my heart,
with a song in my heart”/

I wish I could review every artist who has put forth on this album,
but unfortunately, I would be here for eternity.. all of these artists
rose to the challenge and gave 100% to the cause, which is obvious
once you sit and listen, showing that there are some amazing artists
out there who are yet to be heard, and a lot more to this scene than
first thought.

The whole album flows through from track to track, some artists
followed the subject for the album, while others kept it more simple,
to keep it upbeat, so the mix between them all works, bringing an
outstanding sound throughout the production.

And a special thanks to Dazastah at Charlie Chimp Studios, who has
provided many of the beats for the album, and has put his time and
effort in to Mastering the 32 strong tracks, the whole project doesnt
miss a beat.

If you are into your Australian Hip Hop, want an insane release that
will not be forgotten in this industry, and want to provide CanTeen
with a way of giving young adults dealing with cancer a
helping hand, then please buy this album, with all proceeds going to

There are many people “behind the scenes” that won’t get acknowledgement
for all the hard work they have done over the past year to make this
stellar release, but i’m sure, if you enjoy the music and understand
the message, their hard work, sweat and tears will all be worth it.

Chekid – Phat Rich Records

Hip Hop Charity album released in time for Christmas

Media Release

Hip Hop charity album released in time for Christmas

Just over a month after legendary Perth hip hop artist and SBX crew member Robert Hunter’s passing, the long awaited Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen compilation album that he put together is due to be released on Friday the 2nd of December.

The album, which features the Hilltop Hoods, Drapht, Koolism and of course Hunter himself, has developed into a double CD album, featuring a number of established and up-and-coming Australian hip hop artists.

The 32 track various artists double album will be available in stores nationally and on iTunes internationally RRP $24.95, with 100% of the proceeds going to the not-for-profit organisation CanTeen.

Hunter passed away on Thursday the 20th of October at Murdoch Hospice, Western Australia, after a two-year battle with cancer.  His mother Trish and son Marley survive him.

SBX crew member Porsah Laine, who worked with Hunter on the CanTeen compilation album said, “I was hoping that Hunter would see the completion of his amazing project, but I’m happy the pain has gone.  He’s set a standard for us all to, even in the face of death, follow your passion, and always help others.”

Suffa from the Hilltop Hoods said about the album in a promotional video earlier this year that it was “Good music for a good cause, you’d kind of be a prick if you didn’t buy the album”.

SBX queen Layla said, “I feel truly honoured to be a part of this quality release, supporting such an important cause.”

Executive music producer Dazastah said, “It’s a mammoth album to listen to but it’s awesome, it has got a really good vibe about it.”

For further information on the album and the artists, fact sheet and full media kit please visit


For further information contact;
Rachel Pietracatella
Project Manager

Hunter’s last interview with Dazastah and RTR’s Bren McGurk

Tune in to RTRfm 92.1 at 10.30am for ‘Morning Magazine’ this Friday 18th November 2011 for Hunter’s very last radio interview

Put a reminder in your phone, you don’t want to miss this!

Hunter & Dazastah with Bren McGurk

It’s a coolish and sunny morning in Mount Lawley, Bren from RTR calls me to see if we are still on for our 12pm interview with Hunter and Dazastah, I haven’t been able to contact Hunter to see how he is travelling but I tell a wee fib and say YES, we are all good to go.

Layla and Daz are madly packing for the second stage of the tour with Drapht, I brought the interview forward a couple of hours so Dazastah could be there before he and Layla both joined the rest of the SBX crew.  ‘Be ready to leave here at quarter to twelve’ I shout down the hallway, I still haven’t been able to get thru to Hunts, it is 11.15am

I put on my rockstar Sass and Bide Rats and boots and my Layla gun chain around my neck,  and grab Daz to go. I tell him that there is still no word from Hunts, we commence the 300 metre walk to RTR anyway. Daz has a two hour window, if Hunts doesn’t make it,the interview is off for at least two weeks.

My phone rings it’s Hunts! ‘Hey Darlin’ he says in an upbeat voice, ‘I’ll meet you there, I’m on my way’-how are you feeling I ask, “I’m feeling good, got my new shoes on”  come round the back of Planet I say with relief, the studios closed, it’s just us.

I’m so happy I want us to stop for coffee but the line in Dome is ridiculous and if we walk to Exomod we will be late.  I call Bren to let us in and as we are traipsing up the stairs Daz worries if Hunter will be OK with them, he’s a good friend to Hunts that Daz boy is, a bloody first-class friend.

I prep Bren about Hunter’s deterioration, I don’t want him to be too shocked when he sees him.  Bren’s a cool guy, he doesn’t even dig hip hop and he’s taken on a tough assignment.  We all know that this may be Hunter’s last interview but it is left unsaid.

Hunter calls me to announce his arrival, he’s fashionably late and like a trouper makes the difficult stairs.  ‘Do you like my new shoes?’ he says–  they are fluro orange kicks, he looks like some kind of funky spider. I say there is no missing you with those shoes on buddy and we go into the studio.

The Director of SBS (sic)

Listen Now!

Hunter- doing what he does best

Wing Man Dazastah

Bren & Hunts

Hunts and Daz

Dazzie, Bren and my CanTeen Notes