Project Charter

The goal of the project is to raise funds for CanTeen through the  production, distribution  and sale of  an Australian Hip Hop music compilation.

All contributing artists have agreed to ‘donate’ a song to the compilation and will not seek any compensation from any monies raised from the sale of the album on the understanding that it is pledged to charity.

The majority of the key stakeholders have agreed to participate in the project ‘pro bono’ and will not seek remuneration for services provided to the project.

The project’s unique selling proposition is that 100% of album sales will be donated to charity.

The project has previously and will continue to seek foremost the use of ‘pro bono’ services.  Additional resources  that cannot be achieved ‘pro bono’ and are deemed necessary  for  the successful completion of the project will be provided by financial sponsorship.

Our intention is to source sponsorship for the purpose of marketing the product (album) to the end user, ensuring that the product has been successfully positioned to attract the maximum number of album sales.  Any surplus sponsorship not required for this purpose will go directly to CanTeen.

The stakeholders will use measurement, correction, and evaluation techniques to ensure the project is delivered professionally and with integrity.

Project stakeholders will eventually sign off on the project, estimated lifespan is a maximum of six months when the working agreement will be dissolved and any subsequent album sales will be channelled directly though CanTeen by a method advised by our legal representative and CanTeen.

Our vision is that contributing artists and stakeholders take ownership of the cause, and endeavour to facilitate promotion of the album along with their usual occupation.


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