The project’s founder, Robert Hunter, was diagnosed with an aggressive  liver cancer in 2009.  While receiving treatment for his condition he personally experienced the difficulties young people go through every day just to stay positive and alive.

He discovered the charity CanTeen and felt he could personally help this cause with his music.  Respected as a pioneer of the Australian Hip Hop industry, his intention was to enlist  the help of some fellow high profile artists to contribute to the album, free of charge, therefore allowing the profits from album sales to go to CanTeen.

The support he received was overwhelming and the project is very close to launch.

Everyone approached to appear on the album has got behind it whole heartedly and it is now in the final stages of completion. Now I need to let the people know that it’s out there, and if they buy it, collectively we can make a difference to a lot of young people’s lives.  Robert Hunter

The risk of developing any form of cancer is 1 in 4 women, and 1 in 3 men.
(Source: Cancer Council Western Australia).

For more statistics on cancer in WA, visit the Cancer Council Western Australia website.


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