Launch VIP Tickets

We want you at the launch!

For your chance to WIN on a double pass to this exclusive VIP event get your hands on a copy of X Press, The Wire and Drum Magazine NOW!

If you miss out on this steetpress tickets- come back here at 12pm lunchtime Saturday the 28th January to get your double pass  to the National Launch VIP Listener Party- 25 Double passes will be distributed on a first come first served basis and are limited.

enter the competition here

***Other places to get your tickets on or after the 28th January will be published here on that date.

Support Australian Hip Hop!


6 responses to “Launch VIP Tickets

  1. Hey… My partner an I are currently up North working and in the line of Cyclone Iggy but really want to get tickets to this gig. If we can’t get on the net to get tickets please please can you hold some for us. We have missed out on so much Hip Hop over the last 6 months and we will actually be home for this one Finally!!


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