We need you to help Hip Hop Help Kids with Cancer!

Please take a few minutes to read our Call For Naming Rights Sponsorship Letter, this could be a golden opportunity for you to align yourself with the 12 billion dollar a year Australian hip hop industry AND help kids with cancer at the same time!

We anticipate that this sponsorship opportunity will have an exact fit with an Australian brand or service that will benefit immensely from this project.  If it is not you, then please, still consider supporting us with a fully tax deductable donation.  Your company logo will feature on HIP HOP FOR CANTEEN this website along with our other socially responsible corporate sponsors!

Canteen’s largest fund-raising drive is National Bandana Day.  Your financial help is required to ensure kids and young adults and their families dealing with cancer get the support and services they need.  Please help hip hop help kids with cancer.

All donations two thousand dollars and over will be recognised on this website with a link to your own website. 

(Donate any time before 31st December 2011)

SPECIAL NOTE : If we receive your donation of two thousand dollars and over your company logo will be printed on the CD artwork–

(Donations must be received before 28th September for logo inclusion.) All donations are fully tax deductible.

Click here for to choose your method of payment


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