32Krew’s SMILEY has just released a film clip for his uplifting Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen track IMAGINE feat The Long March.

CanTeen Album Project Manager Rachel Pietracatella talks to the young Perth Rapper about the clip, how Hunter got him involved along with numerous burning questions.

Smiley is a member of WA’s 32 Crew: has been rapping for around six years and released his debut album The Suspended Sentence in mid 2010.

Rachel: Hi Smiley, thanks for chatting with me today. How did you get involved with the CanTeen project?

Smiley: Hunter was on tour with us in Geraldton, after the show that night he explained the project to me and asked if I would be keen to include a song. It was a no brainer for me, I jumped at the invitation!

Rachel: Did Hunter ask for anything specific track wise for the album?

Smiley: Yeah he did. “Keep the swearing to a minimum Smiley” I heard CanTeen were strict on what they would agree to and it made sense what with it being for a children’s charity. But do you know how hard it is to rap and not swear!? Seriously..

Rachel: You are the second artist to make a film clip for their album track along with Canberra’s BRB for Hard Times do you think any others will follow suit?

Smiley: I hope so! It’s a great cause to be promoting but I know time is always short in this industry so some may not be able to.

Rachel: Where did you shoot the film clip? I see you have some Perth Headz in there, care to drop any names?

Smiley: The clip was shot by Linney from Burd Cage Productions in Perth. We had cameo’s from Dazastah, Anto from The Long March, Porsah Laine, Marley Hunter.. Actually we had too many to list but those in the know will spot em A big thanks to everyone who helped put the song and clip together!

Rachel: What is your favourite track on the album?

Smiley: When We Were Kids by Hunter, Dazastah & Drapht. But there’s heaps I’m diggin’, like Self Destruct By L.S.D. & the Missus, Roll by Daz and Porsah, Colours, Handmade, Nothing To Lose… I have to stop don’t I…?

Rachel: Haha yes…Why do you think the Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen Album has been so successful?

Smiley: Because it’s genuine. It’s great music for all the right reasons. The people have gotten behind it because they believe in Hunter’s vision.

Rachel: There is a documentary being made about Hunter, what do you know about that?

Smiley: I know I want to see it the second it’s done but some parts are going to be tough to watch. I believe they’re in the editing process at the moment.

Rachel: If you had $50 grand to donate to a charity, which one would it, be?

Smiley: CanTeen of course.

Rachel: Do you think that there will ever be another hip hop charity compilation? Do you think this brought the hip hop community closer together?

Smiley: I really hope so but there’s only a handful of people that could make it happen. This album brought back that support Australian hip hop, big family vibe. It took a lot of work behind the scenes to organize, finalize, release and promote this compilation. People with that kind of dedication are a rare breed.

Rachel: What is next for Smiley?

Smiley: I’m hoping to have another album written this year and released in 2013 but I’m in no rush this time around. Also I have some limited vinyl to be released later this year.. Stay tuned for details



Aussie Hip Hop fraternity to gather in Perth to launch charity album

Media Release

Aussie Hip Hop fraternity to gather in
Perth to launch charity album

Artists and music industry people from all over the country will be flying in to Perth to celebrate the release of the Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen album on Saturday the 11th February at the Bakery in Northbridge Western Australia.

Three hundred lucky VIP’s will get a chance attend the national album listener party with celebrity DJ’s manning the decks and the 32-track album played at intervals during this most auspicious of hip hop nights.

The charity album was the final project directed by the late Robert Hunter who died of cancer aged 36, a few weeks short of its release and is available nationwide in record stores and on iTunes.

More than forty artists including ARIA winners Hilltop Hoods, Drapht, and Koolism donated a brand new track to the late Robert Hunter for inclusion on a charity album which is raising funds for CanTeen, an Australian charity that supports young people living with cancer.

“It’s going to be strange without Hunts being there but I’m looking forward to getting together and listening to the album with all the crew.” said Layla who’s track Love Times Pie Recurring.. is receiving airplay on Triple J and indie stations throughout Australia.

“With this many artists in one room anything could happen” said Porsah Laine, who also features on the album “Spontaneous collabs on the mikes are likely… this will be a night that we won’t be forgetting in a long time.”

The album is proudly sponsored by MGM the Groove Merchants, Media Arts Lawyers, Streetpress Australia, and Monster Energy.

Doors open at 8pm for this 18+ listening party. For your chance to attend this VIP INVITATION ONLY event, read X-Press, Drum Magazine, and The Wire this week and check the project website http://www.ozhiphopsupportscanteen.com for full details.

How do I get a VIP double pass to the launch in Perth?


CanTeen_ListeningParty hi res

Keeping it real – Josh Richardson’s Facebook note about Hunter

If you have a few minutes to read this, I recommend you do.
Here is the note that the CanTeen project came across when reading hundreds of the tributes that were flowing in for our man Hunter. It hasn’t been edited, for extra effect 🙂

I remember the first time I met Hunter. It was after the Urthboy Tour in 09,He was a lot healthier back then. Me & Phil didn’t know a lot about Hunter, but we all knew Jam Roll. Freo were playing Richmond that night, Huntz kept asking for the score mid way through his set. After the show he was hanging with Daz & a few other SBX members. I tapped him on the shoulder & asked for a photo. He did one for each of us. In mine he threw his W up. And in Phils he was holding Monster House. I put the photo straight on Facebook. I got a few likes from friends who knew who he was. Made me smile. That nights stayed with me since that day.

I have seen Hunter too many times to recall them all but a recent time was at Bias B’s final show in Perth for his Bias Life LP. I had a both Phil & Kobe, who I had become best mates with, that night. I wasn’t drinking, due to the Month For Huntz I was paticipating in, so I drove. We parked at my work, not far from The Rocket Room. We got there early. The boys had been drinking & smoking since 4 so they were deep in at that point. We walked to the Rocket Room & paid to get in. We all bought Luke Adams foundation bands. We had a few drinks & decided it was time for a ciggarette.

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Australian hip hop legend Robert Hunter has passed away after being diagnosed with cancer in 2009, weeks before the release of his charity album. The release features new tracks from Hilltop Hoods, Drapht, Chase and more.

After being diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer while on tour in Adelaide November 2009, in February 2010 Hunter received fundraising authority from CanTeen to produce an Australian hip hop compilation. 100 percent of the profits would go to CanTeen to aid other young people battling cancer.

Your Daily SPA believes that the compilation is close to release, and will be out before Christmas. As of September, it was “mastered and ready for production.”

We can reveal the following tracks – new songs that have been donated by the artists – as being confirmed on the 31-track release:

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Hip Hop mourns the death of Hunter

Robert Hunter died at 7 am Thursday 20th at Murdoch Hospice Western Australia. Hunter had been suffering from terminal cancer since his diagnosis in 2009.  He struggled for the last few days and then peacefully passed with his mother by his side.

Hunter’s family are making funeral arrangements and will issue a media statement with details of the special memorial gathering planned for fans and music industry peers.

His mother Trish says “I had 36 years with my beautiful son, he was the light of my life and I am so proud of what he achieved in the short time that we had him.”

Fellow SBX member Optamus says “It’s a sad day for Australian Hip Hop, a true legend and one of my best friends has passed. He has inspired many and will inspire many more, long live his memory!”

Marley’s mum Laura says, “I have been touched by the outpouring of love for Hunter, not just today but for all the people who have supported him with kind words throughout his battle. I am happy to say that we got to spend some quality family time together before he passed. Hunter tried not to let cancer affect his relationship with Marley.”

SBX crew member Porsah Laine who is working with him on the CanTeen charity project says “ I was hoping that Hunter would see the completion of his amazing project, but I’m happy the pain has gone. He’s set a standard for us all, to even in the face of death, follow your passion and always help others.”

SBX will be releasing a special track dedicated to Hunter’s 5 year old son Marley called ‘My Son’, so if you hear it on the radio request it and hit it up on You Tube to mark his sad passing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-n_9mpolrg

King of Kings

The King of Kings…

August 24, 2011 By

The King of Kings

Anyone who is a fan of Aussie hip hop will be familiar with the name Hunter. He is recognised for his hardcore sound, was dubbed the original c*nt and most importantly, he is a pioneer of the hip hop scene in Australia. Unfortunately, recent times have been tough for Hunter, and have seen him in a battle with cancer. While undergoing treatment, Hunter is still in the booth creating the music we love, which is a testament to his character and skill. So when I got the chance to ask Hunter some questions, needless to say I felt honoured to be able to interview a true King of hip hop.

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